Instructor Led Training

Comprehensive instructor-led training gets you up to speed quicker than ever. Live virtual or on-site classes available to fit any schedule and skill level.

We’re concerned about your health and safety during the global coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, so we’ve replaced our in-person classes with Live Virtual classes. Tableau Live Virtual classes are taught by the same expert instructors as our in-person classes, using the exact same course content and advanced conferencing, collaboration, and training tools for a fully interactive and engaging experience.

Desktop I: Fundamentals

Learn core Desktop skills in this introductory class. You’ll gain a thorough introduction to data analysis and visual design in Tableau, and learn how to build views and interactive dashboards. This is the official training course for Tableau Desktop Specialist Certification.

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Visual analytics

Create more meaningful visualisations by learning the science of data visualisation and visual best practices. You’ll become a better analyst, designer and communicator after taking this course.

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Prep I

Learn the ins and outs of Tableau Prep to combine, shape and clean your data. You’ll walk away knowing how to create flows then output them for analysis in Tableau Desktop.

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Custom data workshop

A one-day course, offered only in combination with other courses, which allows students to work from their own data. It allows attendees to first learn the product using standard training samples and then to apply the concepts to their own data.


Learn how Cisco use classroom training to enable their team

"And although the community forums are wonderful and there's lots of support out there, it's very, very helpful to have an instructor guide you on how things work and how the pieces fit together." - Ken Patton, Cisco

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