Metadata API

Query and discover metadata about Tableau content and external assets.

Level of support
Tableau Server, Tableau Cloud
Programming languages

The Tableau Metadata API discovers and indexes all of the content on your Tableau Cloud site or Tableau Server, including workbooks, data sources, flows and metrics. Indexing is used to gather information about Tableau content, or metadata, about the schema and lineage of the content. Then from the metadata, Metadata API identifies all of the databases, files and tables used by the content on your Tableau Cloud site or Tableau Server.

Use cases

Query for databases, data sources and views. See which workbooks depend on a column or fields in a table. Evaluate the downstream impact of migrating a database and then identify content owners that might be impacted by the change.


  • Discover data and metadata used across your organisation.
  • Track lineage to get a complete view of your data.
  • Perform impact analysis to determine how downstream and upstream changes can affect data and workflows.

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