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The Data Culture Playbook

How your organisation can achieve more with a data-first mindset

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Data is no longer just a competitive advantage. It is critical to the health – and often the survival – of an organisation.

Ongoing challenges and economic downturns are widening the gap between the leaders and the laggards. Data-leading businesses – those with a strong data culture – actively embed data and analytics into the fabric of their company culture, outperforming those who hesitate to invest in the programmes and technology that help them get there. But even before the pandemic, these data-driven businesses were reaping benefits, able to pivot when necessary, giving them a competitive advantage in times of both stability and change.

Fostering a data culture equips every individual in your organisation with the insights they need to tackle your most complex business challenges. The Data Culture Playbook is for executives and data leaders who want to achieve more with data and realise its full value, starting with their workforce.

How to use this playbook

Learn how to build the foundational behaviours and mindset that shape a data culture, starting with four key focus areas:

Chapter 1: Align leadership metrics to business priorities

Chapter 2: Build data sources to address critical decision points

Chapter 3: Grow value through targeted use cases

Chapter 4: Promote widespread data discovery

For each area, we outline specific recommendations on how to build, run, and – when you’re ready – expand and mature data-driven capabilities.

Data-leading executives, who use and understand the power of data, share behaviours and mindset.

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83% of CEOs want a data-driven organisation

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87% of CXOs prioritise becoming an intelligent enterprise

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74% of leaders require data in decision-making