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The Data Culture Playbook

A guide to building business resilience with data.

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Data is no longer just a competitive advantage. It is critical to the health—and often the survival—of an organization.

In the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, organizations with a Data Culture had a distinct advantage. They could understand what was changing, pivot with necessary, and innovate consistently.

Fostering a Data Culture equips every individual in your organization with the insights they need to tackle your most complex business challenges. The Data Culture Playbook is for executives and data leaders who want to build resilience with data, starting with their workforce.

How to use this playbook

Learn how to build the foundational behaviors and mindsets that shape a Data Culture, starting with four key focus areas:

Chapter 1: Align leadership metrics to business priorities

Chapter 2: Build data sources to address critical decision points

Chapter 3: Grow value with specific use cases

Chapter 4: Promote widespread data discovery

For each area, we outline specific recommendations on how to build, run, and when you’re ready, expand and mature data-driven capabilities.

Data leading organizations-those with the most successful Data Cultures- see transformed benefits.

41% Icon

41% greater improvement in production time to market compared to data-aware entities.

89% Icon

89% improvements to customer retention and acquisition compared to data-adopting entities.

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45% greater improvement in employee retention compared to data-aware entities.