How to Build a Culture of Self-Service Analytics

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Learn how to build a culture of analytics and most importantly, why you should.

Our curiosity is innate. When we encounter something new, we want—and need—to know more. We want to know why something happened so that we can avoid—or repeat—the same outcome in the future.

This doesn’t mean we simply want the final answer or outcome; we want to be a part of the discovery process. The driver of our curiosity is a need for understanding—the what, the why, the how, the what-for.

Data can help us gain this understanding. Data is knowledge. It gives us the facts, the truth, the objective view of what has happened.

That’s where a culture of analytics comes in. In this culture, people can explore and find answers with their data within an environment that is trusted, secure, and managed by IT. This culture empowers the person who knows the business, has the context, and can realize the full potential of the insights.

Follow these five steps to build a culture of analytics and start using data to drive decisions, seize opportunities, and gain a competitive edge.

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