Time Series Analysis

Time series analysis is crucial to understanding your data. The ability to look forward and backward, to drill down from years to days and see data trends over different periods of time is essential for the most comprehensive analysis. Tableau’s built-in date and time functions let you drag and drop to analyze time trends, drill down with a click, analyze times by day of the week, and easily perform time comparisons like year-over-year growth and moving averages.

Monitoring data over time with ease

See how multiple dimensions compare over time, spot trends, and see seasonal changes in your data. Time series analysis with Tableau is as simple as drag and drop. With the ability to join separate data sources into a single graph, you'll gain new insights into your data.

This is just the beginning of Tableau's advanced analytics features.

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Before it was always numbers in rows and columns. Now I’m eager to see when I do a new analysis, because it's so much easier to actually see the trends, the story, and the power the data brings.