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An overabundance of marketing tools hasn’t made life easy. While making it easier to capture the digital exhaust, it has also accentuated how many data silos exist. It has also made it challenging to collect a full picture of your performance across channels. Walt Disney, Hootsuite, and Lionsgate are just some of the Tableau customers using Tableau to visualize their media mix and gain a complete view of their marketing.


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Optimize spending on advertising

Walt Disney uses Tableau to visualize its media mix model

Disney created this dashboard that shows optimal budget allocations, with adjustable constraints for real world scenarios.

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Research your target markets

Lionsgate analyzes social media trends

Lionsgate, the company behind blockbusters like The Hunger Games, measures their share of voice, social sentiment, and audience segments.

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Dashboards for the entire marketing department

Chief Marketing Officer

See how Tableau customers use marketing analytics insights to inform their decisions as they connect with brand advocates in new, effective ways.

Marketing Operations

Learn how Tableau customers are diving into campaigns and channels to uncover the important truths of their performance—all while having the confidence that their data is governed.

Marketing Analyst

Discover how Tableau customers have empowered marketing analysts to more deeply explore their data and drive KPIs forward through stronger execution.