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通过 Tableau Desktop 中创建的可视化为您的团队提供支持。将工作簿保存为 .twbx 文件,并使用 Tableau Reader 或 Desktop 与他人分享。


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Desktop 用户可以提供交互式筛选器和操作,从而轻松解答众多问题。


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Analytics anyone can use

Instead of waiting for a visualization to arrive, explore the data yourself with Tableau Desktop.

In just a few clicks, you can connect to any data and create your own visualizations. You can even change an existing visualization to see the data your way.

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Stop wasting time on change requests and visualization updates. Change and share your views in real-time with one of our sharing and collaboration tools.

Subscribe to views you want to see, interact with robust dashboards, and access your insights from any mobile or desktop device. Our products also offer extensive permissioning, security, and version control capabilities to make sure your data is always in the right hands.

Tableau Server

Share dashboards & data. Collaborate with governance.
  • Keep data secure on your servers.
  • Use Tableau Mobile for data on the go.

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Tableau Server, Public Cloud

Already using AWS, Azure, or GCP? Host Tableau Server in your environment.
  • Full control of your software, no hardware
  • Use Tableau Mobile for data on the go.

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Tableau Online

Skip the hardware setup. Tableau Online is a hosted Tableau Server.
  • Reliable, secure, and always up-to-date.
  • Use Tableau Mobile for data on the go.

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