Tableau for Students: Free access to Tableau Desktop

Tableau Desktop is free for all full-time students. Find out how to get started. 

Since 2011, Tableau Academic programs have enabled more than 2.5 million students and teachers from accredited institutions around the world with critical data skills.

Tableau Desktop, Tableau Prep, and eLearning are free for all full-time students around the world. Tableau delivers everything you need to access, visualize, and analyze your data. With an intuitive drag and drop interface, you can uncover the hidden insights and get answers to your questions. With the Tableau for Students program, students are able to use data to solve real world problems and upskilling with Tableau can help you with research projects, internships and most importantly— building job skills for the future so you can get that dream job to make a difference. See below on how to get started with your free Tableau license. 

How to get a free Tableau license

  • Sign up for Tableau for Students. Fill out this form to verify your student status using a trusted third party partner, SheerID. You may be asked to provide more information such as a transcript verification, student ID card or screenshot of your course schedule. Please allow 3 business days for an email verification confirmation. If you are experiencing any issues, check out this FAQ document here
  • Check your email. Once you are verified, you will receive an email confirmation with your license key and necessary resources to get started. The subject line of the email should say “Your Tableau Desktop Product Key is Enclosed” 
  • Download Tableau Desktop. While you are waiting to receive your free license key, get your computer prepped with downloading the latest version of Tableau Desktop here. If you’re too excited to wait, you can download the 14-day free trial. 
  • Activate your license key. Once you receive your confirmation of verification, you should find your unique license key attached to your email. Plug that license key into your Desktop application to activate your license. Your license key will be valid for 1 year, with renewal for each year you are a student. If you are experiencing any issues, check out this FAQ document here or reach out to

How to learn Tableau through Tableau for Students

Got your license? Now it’s time to learn. The Tableau for Students team has student-specific resources dedicated to developing your Tableau knowledge and overall data skills. 

Student working on Tableau on her laptop while sitting in the grass with headphones on

The DataFam is here to help you on your Tableau journey

Join a community that supports your Tableau journey, brings your data skills to the next level, and nurtures powerful connections. When people are united by data, anything is possible. The Tableau Community, #DataFam, is at your fingertips.

  • Explore and connect with our Tableau Student Ambassadors. These students are Tableau champions in higher education, empowering and inspiring others to develop or build their data skills.
  • Participate in Tableau Community led programs to connect with like-minded data people.
  • Connect with us on Twitter! Use #DataFam #TableauFF to connect with Tableau Community members, get feedback on your vizzes and expand your professional data network.
  • Leverage the ‘hire me’ button on Tableau Public to show recruiters you are open to available Tableau opportunities.

Graduated? You can still continue your data skills on Tableau Public

While Tableau for Students is only available to those currently enrolled in accredited universities, you can still continue to use Tableau even after your license expires. Tableau Public is a free platform to explore, create and publicly share data visualizations online.