Data and analytics in the cloud

Cloud technologies have revolutionized every aspect of the way we do business. With data and analytics in the cloud, IT can get up and running fast and scale seamlessly as the organization’s needs grow. Modernize and centralize data and analytics in the cloud to reduce maintenance costs and make governed data more accessible. Spark insights with any data, anywhere—even on the go.

Modernize with cloud

Learn more about modernizing data and analytics in the cloud, including the benefits of cost efficiency, flexibility, performance, governance, and security.


Why adopt modern analytics?

Make digital transformation actionable with modern BI.

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Modern data environment

Understand the evolution of today's data environments.

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The impact of data gravity

Explore how data gravity is pulling analytics to the cloud.

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Tableau moves to the cloud

Learn how we evaluated our own data modernization.

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"Tableau Cloud gives us an opportunity to bring different facets of our organization together. And the ease with which we’ve been able to give that to Red Hatters across the globe and in different functions has helped speed up and create a community groundswell."

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Migrate to the cloud

Learn more about about important considerations for moving to the cloud, including hybrid scenarios, and how to connect to your data wherever it’s stored.


Cloud migration strategies

Explore critical considerations for moving to the cloud.

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IDC Infobrief: Cloud BI & analytics

Dive into research and trends from costs to governance.

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TDWI: Modern analytics maturity guide

Assess and progress your modern BI journey.

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TDWI checklist: Keys for success

Ensure your analytics stack is flexible and scalable.

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Explore different data and analytics migration scenarios

Understand the key considerations and challenges of architecting your modern data and analytics environment.

fully on-premises deployment

Fully on-premises


  • Little or no migration effort
  • No disruption to deployment


  • Less flexible and scalable data and analytics
  • Requires resources to manage on-premises infrastructure

You'll want to consider:

  • Cloud benefits like agility, ROI potentially sacrificed by remaining on-premises

hybrid on-premises analytics

On-premises analytics with data in the cloud


  • Easier to scale data
  • Fewer resources required to manage infrastructure


  • Tableau Server on-premises must connect to cloud data

You'll want to consider:

  • Authentification options for cloud and on-premises systems
  • Data connectivity, networking, and security

hybrid cloud analytics

Cloud analytics with data on-premises


  • More flexible and scalable analytics


  • Time, resources, and new business processes required with cloud shift
  • Fighting against data gravity

You'll want to consider:

  • Tableau Server deployed in public cloud vs. Tableau Cloud hosted SaaS
  • Tableau Bridge to connect to on-premises data
  • Data connectivity, networking, and security

all in the cloud

Everything migrated to the cloud


  • Greatest access to cloud benefits across flexibility, scalability, features, and costs
  • Holistic cloud adoption has advantages for improving data culture


  • Resources and expertise required for simultaneous migration
  • Potential disruptions to analytics services depending on cutover/implementation

You'll want to consider:

  • Single vs. multi-cloud approach
  • In-house vs. partner expertise for migration planning and execution

How does Tableau fit in different migration scenarios?

Learn more about flexible Tableau deployments: on-premises, in a public cloud, or fully hosted SaaS. Connect to any data wherever it lives to empower insight anywhere.


Tableau deployment options

Webinar: Tableau flexibility

Weigh your deployment options, including cloud and hosted BI.

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Comparing deployment options

Evaluate the benefits of Tableau Cloud (SaaS) vs. Tableau Server.

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data visualization

Your end-to-end BI architecture

Explore our partnerships across the data technology ecosystem.

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"We needed to reduce the burden on IT so we could make other upgrades more easily, like adding single sign-on and row-level security. By going to an online, cloud-based option, we no longer had to manage our Tableau infrastructure at all."

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Optimize and monitor cloud analytics

Learn more about using Tableau to monitor and optimize costs in the cloud. Get started with one of our free solutions for Amazon Web Services, Snowflake, or Google Cloud Platform.


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"Tableau's commitment to evolving its platform has really driven our passion and enthusiasm to integrate analytics across the business. It is now the centerpiece of our enterprise analytics engine and allows us to produce actionable insights at an unbelievable pace."

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