Connect to Data

Analytics are only as good as the data they are based on. Tableau makes it easy for your organization to curate and use more of your data than ever before. More data means asking more questions and sharing more comprehensive answers. With access to more data you can find answers to questions you didn't even know you had. Tableau + your data gives you the competitive edge.

A Hybrid Approach to Data

Governing data and managing content should be done alongside business stakeholders, as part of a modern approach to Enterprise Analytics. The days of having to choose between keeping your data secure and empowering the business with data is over. IT builds trust with the business by providing reliable access to standardized data. That trust develops confidence for each user to access, analyze, and share their insights with peers and make better decisions every day.


Data Connectors

Work with the data you have, wherever it lives. Connect to .CSV, text, .PDF, spatial, JSON, and statistical files with just a few clicks. In addition to our 60+ native database and data application connectors, our ODBC and web data connectors can be used to interface with countless cloud data sources, applications, and APIs. And we’re always adding new connectors to the latest data sources.

Metadata Management

Access data instantly through a live database connection, or generate a data extract for blazing fast performance. You can refresh extracts with a live connection on your prefered schedule, getting the best of both worlds. Easily switch back and forth between extracts and live connections without needing to rebuild or update your workbooks. The metadata for the data source stays the same even when you shift between live to extract and back again.


Data Preparation

Tableau has built-in data cleaning and preparation capabilities that help anyone connecting to data get more accurate answers. Joining and blending data across tables and even disparate database technologies is fast and easy, right in Tableau. When you use industry- leading ETL tools like Informatica and Alteryx, Tableau integrates right into your workflow.

Tableau Metadata Model

When it comes to metadata, most business intelligence (BI) platforms go one of two ways: either model the entire enterprise as a first step, or model nothing. Many “next generation” business intelligence platforms claim that one of their innovations is to do away with metadata entirely—which falls apart when platform usage spreads beyond a small team of experts and into mainstream, enterprise-scale deployments.

Additional resources for IT

Discover more tools to help deploy, support, and scale Tableau analytics across your organization.

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