Three Paradigm Shifts Regarding Mobile Business Intelligence

Ryan McShane, Product Launch Manager, Tableau

Instant access to data has changed the way we live. Think about all the information we consume while waiting in line for coffee. It’s easy to check game scores, emails, and hundreds of news sources. But rarely do we just consume; we engage, too. We update our Twitter or Tumblr in seconds. We answer email and texts on the go. It’s a long way from the one-way flow of information from the world of television and printed newspapers. Mobile is a two-way street.

Business intelligence is no exception. People need the speed and convenience of actionable business data wherever they are. But despite the inherent advantages of BI and a mature consumer mobile ecosystem, we’re still in the early stages mobile BI. According to Dresner Advisory Services’ “Wisdom of Crowds: Mobile Computing/Mobile Business Intelligence Market Study,” penetration of mobile business intelligence remains modest: 20 percent of survey respondents report no mobile capabilities whatsoever and more than 60 percent of organizations report 10 percent or fewer users with mobile BI access. This whitepaper demystifies the misconceptions and presents three paradigm shifts to get the maximum benefit from Mobile BI.

In this whitepaper, you’ll learn about:

  • Important mobile BI use cases
  • How users find and interact with data on the go
  • Mobile dashboard design best practices

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Ryan McShane

Product Launch Manager, Tableau

Ryan McShane is the Product Launch Manager at Tableau, responsible for new product launches and everything mobile. His data geek credentials come from time served in technology companies and working as a management consultant. He's seen a lot of ugly data, beautiful data and everything in between. He holds a degree in Commerce, Organizations and Entrepreneurship from Brown University.