Iron Viz

Data tells a story. Who visualizes it best?

And the 2024 Iron Viz Champion is Chris Westlake!

In a fierce competition that showcased awe-inspiring data storytelling, all three Iron Viz finalists delivered incredible performances. Each contestant brought a unique approach that captivated the audience. Ultimately, The IMDb Explorer by Chris Westlake surpassed the competition and was also crowned the "Fan Favorite" by the audience, aligning with the judges' choice. Congratulations to Chris Westlake and his chosen charity, Make a Wish Foundation. Check out a recap of the full showdown here.

Check out Chris Westlake's Winning Viz

What is Iron Viz?


Iron Viz is the world’s largest data visualization competition. What began as a breakout session at Tableau Conference 2011 has grown into a global phenomenon and become a core part of the Tableau Community. Three Iron Viz contenders take center stage and have 20 minutes to tell the most compelling story using the same data set. Like the qualifier leading up to it, contestants’ vizzes are scored based on analysis, storytelling, and design. It is something you must see to truly understand.

What to expect

Meet the Iron Viz 2024 Finalists

Pata Gogová

Meet Pata Gogová, the unexpected finalist of Iron Viz 2024. Four years ago, Pata discovered Tableau and developed her skills with help from the online Tableau Community. Today she credits that community for helping her advance all the way to the Iron Viz finals as a first-time entrant. Find out what inspired her bold, finals-qualifying viz, What is (not) love?, which highlights the prevalence of violence in relationships.

Jessica Moon

Find out how a love for television helped Iron Viz 2024 Finalist Jessica Moon grow her data skills. Ten years ago, Jessica made her first visualization about The Bachelor, which helped her think outside the box and familiarize herself with Tableau. Today, her finals-qualifying Hart of Dixie viz has not only dazzled judges with its brilliant implementation of line charts, glyphs, and diagrams but has also motivated some judges to watch all 77 episodes of the series.

Chris Westlake

Find out about how Chris Westlake went from Tableau Student Ambassador to 2024 Iron Viz finalist. Six years ago, Chris discovered Tableau at an internship where he was using SQL for data extraction. He started participating in Iron Viz in 2019 and has submitted a viz every year since. Today, his finals-qualifying viz, Love for Food, Hunger for Change, has impressed judges by using Westlake’s love for food to highlight the larger issue of global hunger. 

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