The Vizzies celebrate the DataFam at TC22

The seventh annual Vizzies award show was live during TC22, on May 18 in Las Vegas, and simultaneously broadcast to audiences around the globe. Organized by Emily Kund and Matt Francis of The Tableau Wannabe Podcast, Vizzies recognize and celebrate outstanding members of the Tableau Community across 15 different categories.

For the community, by the community—all nominations come from the Tableau Community. Current or Hall of Fame Tableau Visionaries are not eligible, as are either of the hosts and organizers, Emily Kund and Matt Francis.

The categories are:

  • The Kelly Martin Best Designer
  • Data Storyteller Extraordinaire
  • The Elissa Fink "WTF I Never Knew Tableau Could Do That"
  • Center of Excellence (COE) & Server Superstar
  • Best Content Creator
  • Forum Fanatic
  • Notable Newbie
  • Biggest Growth
  • Prepstar
  • Tableau User Group (TUG) Of The Year
  • Favorite Viz Of The Year
  • The Michael W. Cristiani Community Leadership Award

Before we get into who won, let's recognize all the incredible Community members who were nominated for a Vizzies Awards this year! You are all winners in our eyes.

Click the image to see the full list of nominees for this year's Vizzies.

And the Vizzies go to...

The Kelly Martin Best Designer Award goes to ... Chimdi Nwosu!

The Data Storyteller Extraordinaire Award goes to ... Kimly Scott!

The "WTF I Never Knew Tableau Could Do That" Award goes to … Ant Pulley!

The COE & Server Superstar Award goes to … Adrian Zinovei!

The Best Content Creator Award goes to … Autumn Battani!

The Forum Fanatic Award goes toSergiu Rotaru!

The Notable Newbie Award goes toNicole Klassen and Johanna Josodipuro!

The Biggest Growth Award goes toDennis Kao!

The PrepStar Award goes toJared Flores!

The TUG of the Year Award goes toThe Analytics Tableau User Group!

The Favorite Viz Of The Year Award goes to … Chimdi Nwosu for W.E.B. Dubois Portrait Gallery!

The Michael W. Cristiani Community Leadership Award goes to … Autumn Battani!

Congratulations to all the Vizzie recipients and to each and every person nominated. You make the Tableau Community exactly what it is—a group of kind, curious people who learn from each other, share their knowledge, and cheer everyone on at each step of the way. Keep doing what you do, DataFam. It's pure magic.

Special thanks to Matt Francis and Emily Kund for capturing some of this magic in an unofficially, official award ceremony with fancy clothes, pajama pants, Tableau tees and jeans, and everything in between.