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Salesforce revolutionized CRM with the power of the cloud. Now, Tableau puts that rich customer data to work for your business with analytics for all. Start empowering your entire organization with Salesforce and Tableau today.

Why Salesforce + Tableau?

Native connectivity within Tableau to Salesforce,, and means fast performance and to-the-minute numbers. Easy visual analysis means data can drive decisions at every phase of the pipeline: prospecting, lead management, pipeline coverage, account management, and more. Embed live Tableau dashboards directly into Salesforce Canvas. Blend Salesforce data with other types of data for deeper understanding. With Tableau, you can provide your entire sales force, channel team, and executives with secure, up-to-date, customized views of data—even through browsers and mobile devices.

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Tableau helps a lot in terms of getting data very quickly to visualize needs from our business partners. And then being able to provide that in a very easy-to-consume way.

Embed Tableau dashboards into Salesforce

One of the best ways to ensure your people have the data to make the best decisions is to embed analytics right into the systems they use every day. This is definitely true for sales: most salespeople live inside Salesforce, deciding who to call and when, and planning account strategy. In this video we look at embedding sales analytics right inside using Salesforce Canvas. Get started today

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This paper will explain some of the best practices for creating actionable sales performance management.

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Measuring and monitoring sales progress by simply looking at percent of quota achieved, whether for an individual or for an entire organization, is no longer enough to be successful as a sales leader.

6 Tips for Better Sales Performance Dashboards

Having an accurate visualization of your sales data means more powerful pipeline insights. It means people will listen to you, and you can skip bureaucracy to drive the bottom line forward and meet your quota.