Format your workbook with just a few clicks in Tableau 10

Ever wish you could style your entire workbook with just a few clicks? Now you can in Tableau 10!

Update: Tableau 10 is here! Download now to try out the feature outlined below.

Ever wish you could style your entire workbook with just a few clicks? Now you can in Tableau 10!

For example, see how easy it is to change the color of all the text in your workbook:

You can also easily undo any of the changes you made, which means you can explore without losing your work.

Tableau 10: Beautiful by default

You might have noticed that things look a little different in Tableau 10. That’s because we’ve introduced a beautiful new theme designed to make your data pop.

Our new look includes:

1. Viz-friendly font

Tableau 10 features a new font designed specifically for data visualization. This font is legible even in small sizes.

2. Cleaner, more intuitive interface

We’ve removed extraneous items like borders to drive your attention to what matters most, the data.
Even more visual best practices are now at play. For example, quantitative axes now show gridlines by default.

3. New and updated color palettes

We’ve redesigned all of our existing color palettes and added some new ones for the first time since Tableau 1.5 to give a more sophisticated and coordinated look. Our new palettes include soft and beautiful colors that are designed for both visual perception and aesthetics.

Join the beta

We’re excited to bring you these features, and we’d love to know what you think. Tableau 10 is currently in beta. We have a timeline for getting Tableau 10 out the door, but we’d first like to get solid usage in beta and fix any bugs. We want your feedback as early as possible to catch any issues and ensure the new features are great.

If you haven’t yet, check out our beta program to learn more and sign up. The beta program is available for existing Tableau customers. Customers with an active maintenance license can upgrade for free when Tableau 10 is released.

Learn more about Tableau 10

Tableau 10 includes a brand new look and feel, and a host of new features to help you prep, analyze, and share your insights even faster. Check out our Coming Soon page for details.