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It’s a now or never moment—make it count. Embrace data-driven decision-making across the business to delight customers and keep ahead of the competition.

It’s time to innovate the ways you use data. Get ready to transform raw data into actionable insights to tackle the industry's biggest challenges and gain strategic advantages.

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Empowering Digital Transformation

Watch this video to learn how Credit Suisse, KeyBank, RBC Wealth Management, and Progressive are empowering their teams with data and insights to address ever changing customer expectations and to remain competitive for the long-term.

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Strengthen the customer experience

80% of consumers say the experience a company provides is as important as its products


And it’s not just consumers: Innovative customer experiences are one of the highest priorities for insurance industry leaders, according to the Deloitte 2021 Insurance Outlook report. Rapid digitization, accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, has fundamentally shifted what customers want and how they behave. Adapt and innovate or risk losing long-term market share.

Campaign KPIs

Provide managers with a high-level summary of live customer performance data including up-to-date attrition risks, lines of business, and premiums at risk by region.

Improve operational efficiency

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See a high-level summary of live product performance data including market share by region, direct written premiums, and policies in force.

60% of North American life insurers say data insights led to increases in sales and profitability

Build adaptable, successful operations—and the resilience needed to navigate the industry’s mounting complexity and competition—with a strong Data Culture. Remove barriers to data-driven decision-making to improve efficiency and agility of company-wide business processes.


How insurers respond not just to the pandemic’s impact but to longer-term shifts in technology, the economy, and consumer preferences will be critical. Indeed, generating continuous innovation in insurance policies, sales strategies, operations, and customer experience could turn out to be the biggest differentiator in 2021 and beyond.

The Insurance Imperative for Growth and Resilience

Download the whitepaper to explore how a robust Data Culture empowers employees, improves customer experiences, streamlines operations, reduces costs, and boosts profit margins. With industry-leading research, concrete examples, and compelling case studies, get the bricks and signposts you need on the otherwise overgrown path to building a data-driven organization.

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Many insurers are in the early stages of underwriting transformation projects ... The ultimate goal is to better leverage AI, alternative data sources, and more advanced predictive models to augment an underwriter’s capabilities and eventually transition them to higher-level, multifaceted roles.

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