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Risk Modeling and Management with Tableau

Sean Gilleran works as a Principal Data Scientist in PG&E’s Meteorology and Fire Science team on the front lines of strategic and operations risk management - a role with real-world impact felt far beyond the business bottom line. His team's ability to forecast and react to environmental risks are crucial to preventing irrevocable damage to the company, customers, and environment itself. With this in mind, Sean built an analytical ecosystem in Tableau to model and map meteorological data in real-time. This work enabled PG&E leadership to confidently make strategic decisions mitigating wildfire risk and reducing customer impacts and interruptions during California fire season. With the capability to forecast future weather conditions, the meteorology team supported PG&E in reducing its wildfire risk by over 90% through Public Safety Power Shutoff and reducing reportable ignitions by 80% where and when PG&E’s Enhanced Powerline Safety Settings are enabled compared to normal settings.

In this session, Sean will discuss the key Tableau infrastructure and operations behind PG&E’s Public Safety Power Shutoff program, and how PG&E's in-house data science, meteorology, and leadership teams leverage his dashboards to mitigate risk while maintaining reliability, customer satisfaction, and environmental safety. Q+A to follow.

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