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Digital Transformation with Tableau Cloud

A leading provider of technology-enabled transportation & supply chain management services, Echo Logistics recently migrated from Tableau Server to Tableau Cloud as part of their overarching digital transformation strategy. Zach Jecklin, the original champion of Tableau at Echo, will discuss the ways in which executives rely on the Tableau platform to make data driven decisions on a daily basis, eliminating the reporting inefficiencies that previously hindered them. Brenden Kremer, Director of Analytics & Reporting, has grown his team to establish & optimize the ways in which the company of 2500 employees leans into Tableau across 4 major departments, including sale & operations. They will discuss how Tableau Cloud provides them the agility necessary with always up-to-date software and the ability to easily & quickly ramp up as their business continues to grow through acquisitions. In this session, your customer will learn how Zach & Brendan have created a culture where 2000 of their employees use Tableau Cloud daily to remain relevant and competitive in their industry. 

Q&A to follow.

About the speakers

Zach Jecklin

Zach Jecklin

Chief Information Officer at Echo Logistics
Brendan Kremer

Brendan Kremer

Director of Financial Analytics and Reporting at Echo Global Logistics

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