Time to Vote! Geospatial Entries

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Can you map it? Yes, you did! We are always bowled over by how creative, beautiful, informative and just plain-cool Iron Viz entries are, and this contest is no exception!

This post officially launches the Iron Viz: Geospatial voting period for the Crowd-Favorite Award, which comes with a prize of $500!

Use the Twitter buttons and hashtags below to cast your vote. We will be counting distinct tweets for each contestant, so you only need to vote once for your favourite contestants. Voting will stay open until 11:59 p.m. PST on Sunday, 2 April 2017.

Meanwhile, the Tableau team will be judging each entry on design, storytelling, analysis, and overall appeal to pick the main-prize winner. And that winner will go on to take the stage at TC17 in Vegas to compete in the Iron Viz competition on the big stage.

The winners for both the Crowd-Favorite Award and the main prize will be announced on Monday, 3 April 2017!

So what are you waiting for? Start voting!

Adam Crahen - Sharknado Recreation
Allan Walker - LiDAR - The Golden Gate Bridge
Ravi Mistry - National Parks in the UK
Ken Flerlage - The Art of Gerrymandering
Michael Sanville - Global Large Flood Events: 1985 - 2016
Farhan Farooq - Agriculture in India - Crops Grown by Season
Fabien Haeyaert - Parrainages des Candidats à l'Élection Présidentielle Française 2017
Brittany Fong - Explore U.S. National Parks and Forests
Joshua Milligan - The Changing Shape of History: From Colonies to the United States
Ron Eisenstein - Where in Haiti are Health Facilities Available? How Many People Do They Serve?
Sean Miller - Philadelphia - Where Crime is on the Decline
Carl Allchin - London Air Pollution - We Can't Breathe
Nils Macher - Kenya-Death by Natural Disaster
Dustin Cabral - Chasing the Sun
Nicco Cirone - WWII - Strategic bombing in Europe
Bill Ragatz - The Misery Index
Shawn Levin - The Magic Kingdom Crowd-o-matic
Pablo Saenz de Tejada - Madrid In Detail
Annabelle Rincon - An Iron Viz for an Iron Throne
Ernest Moy - Segregation and Death Rates
Pooja Gandhi - Philadelphia Crime Scene
Skyler Johnson - Robin Hood of Texas
Mike Cisneros - Famine Strikes...
Joshua Tapley - Northeast Megalopolis
Harshna Karsan - Petition Data: Prevent Trump from making a State Visit to the UK
Kathleen Warrell - New Jersey: The US Leader in Hazardous Waste Sites
Kathryn Ambrose - Active Adults Survey by Sports England
Allan Walker - 4D - LiDAR Manhattan Buildings over time
Suraj Shah - Territorial Evolution of the United States
Jonathan Trajkovic - Choisissez votre Opérateur Mobile
Franck Nguyen - Les Incivilités à Paris
Benjamin Fox - Thirty Year Bay Area Soil Map
Nai Louza - Bread and Salt
Matteo Borriero - The Deep Blue Sea
Chelsea Ursaner - LA's Neighborhood Councils: Building a Thriving City Through Localized Self Government
Sherzodbek Ibragimov - Relationship between Crime Locatiions and City Demographics/Econimics
Jonathan Trajkovic - Où vais-je Acheter mes Meubles?
Ann Jackson - A World Full of Diamonds | Carat, Clarity, Color, Cut, Conflict, Casualties
Christopher Conn - NYC Land Value
Timothy Vermeiren - The History of the World
Patrick Martin - % Enrolled by Grade
Rob Radburn - A Day in the Life of the Tube
Neil Lord - To Pret or not to Pret
Alex Psarras - Street Crimes in England & Wales
Luke Stanke - Impressions of Climate Change
Craig Dewar - Tectonic Plates Jigsaw
Louise Shorten - Countries in Crisis
Igor Plesca - Targeting Gun Violence - Chicago
Emily Chen - 2016 Math Results in New York Public Schools
Cameron Smith - Manatees: Endangered or Threatened?
Marc Soares - Invisible Walls: The Reality of Racial Segregation in America

Alexandria Duke - Presidential Disaster Declarations

Lilach Manheim - A State of Dis-Union
David Krupp - The Great Escape
Julien Trinquet - Mirvel US
Savio Henriques - Sea Surface Temperature
Aaron Lum - Medicaid in Washington State
Anya A'Hearn - Transposing War
Shawn Gerou - Traveling the Road to the Final 4
Phoebe Addison - Walkable Neighborhoods
Olga Tsubiks - Mapping out the Unknown
Jacob Olsufka - Hawaiian Island Rainfall