Readers' Choice: Top 5 Vizzes of 2015

It's officially 2016, but let's take one last look back at 2015 as we review the top five Viz of the Day winners as voted by you! We counted down our favorite twenty-five vizzes from the year on our Advent calendar, and you submitted your votes for the top five. We've tallied the votes, and here are our winners!

5. Shine Pulikathara: The Weekly News

Shine's viz was the winner of the 2015 Iron Viz Championship.

4. Matt Chambers: Blame the Weather

Matt's viz was the winner of the 10x Data Contest and earned in a spot in the Iron Viz Championship..

3. Peter Gilks: Monarchy in the UK

2. Matt Chambers: The History of the NFL

1. Ryan Sleeper: The Cost of Attending the 2015 World Series

Congratulations to all of our winners! The Tableau Public team is excited to see what kind of inventive, informative, and interesting data visualizations our wonderful community comes up with this year. Cheers to 2016!