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Enable people with trusted data. Drive enterprise transformation.

How do you turn people’s collective potential into a competitive advantage? Arm them with data, unlock their curiosity and unleash their creativity. Enable your teams to work faster and smarter by choosing a seamless end-to-end analytics experience. Prepare for analysis. Build data sources and dashboards. Publish and share content. Collaborate. All with the security and governance you require.

Tableau is the most powerful, secure and flexible end-to-end analytics platform for your data.


Put your data anywhere you need it. With Tableau, you can securely consume your data via browser, desktop, mobile or embedded into any application.


Security & compliance


Put data at the centre of your decisions. Securely share interactive dashboards, keep on top of data with alerts & subscriptions, and use storytelling to share insights clearly.


Ask and answer questions as they occur. Power your insights with advanced analytics, calculations and statistics, all topped with our award-winning visual interface.

Content discovery

Make it easy for everyone to find the right data. Organise resources by project, recommend relevant data, allow ‘go back’ with revision history and enable search.


Be confident your data is secure and trusted. Manage and streamline data use with centralised data sources, data certification, row-level permissioning and usage analytics.

Data prep

Get your data ready for analysis with the same interactive visual interface that we brought to analytics. Create federated joins or blend. See clearly with automatic data modelling.

Data access

Connect to all your data on-premises or in the cloud. Access and combine disparate data without writing code. Connect live, extract data or do both, depending on your needs.

Extensibility & APIs


Deploy where and how you want. Tableau can integrate into your existing data infrastructure, whether on-premises or in the cloud.


Analytics for every user

People need access to data to do their jobs better, but everyone's relationship with data differs. We created different roles to match the different data needs of your people. Determine which roles are right for your team.

How IT deploys Tableau at scale

Tableau is easy to deploy, manage and scale. As the use of data and analytics evolves and expands across your organisation, IT increasingly becomes a critical enabler for data-driven decisions. Find out everything you need to deploy Tableau at scale.

With Tableau, you also get scalability. We don't necessarily need to invest in many different IT infrastructures globally, we can invest in just the one.

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