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Best practices for tidy data using Tableau Prep


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An interactive guide to structuring your data for efficient and effective analysis

Data preparation is essential to getting the analysis you need. However, cleaning, transforming, and combining your data can be a daunting task. To accelerate the preparation process, there are some overarching considerations to not only make your workflow more efficient, but also to further drive the analysis. Tableau Prep makes it easier to think about these best practices through visual feedback and smart features.

In this paper, you’ll learn more about the importance of:

  • Thinking about your data holistically
  • Knowing the structure of your data
  • Keeping track of your steps
  • Spot checking
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Tableau Prep allows me to stay in the moment while prepping and manipulating my messy data. And it helps me see the results right there on the spot. I really like that you can actually see the mismatched fields, errors, and outliers front and center and have the ability to correct issues on the fly!

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