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40 Years of World Tours with The Cure

The Cure’s debut album, Three Imaginary Boys, launched in 1979 and secured their place in the new wave scene in the United Kingdom and beyond. To celebrate Robert Smith’s 60th birthday, Nina Lindell explores The Cure’s albums and songs, along with their 40-year touring history. Clicking on the tour timeline reveals a tour map, where you can see every location they visited that year. Nina discovered that the band continues to live up to their reputation for long concerts as their setlists get longer over time.

Explore the visualization

  • The 2007-2008 4Tour World Tour took The Cure from Yuzawa, Japan to Stockholm, Sweden. Map out their other tour routes by selecting a bar from the timeline.
  • The band’s longest concert clocked in at over three and a half hours. Explore other concerts by clicking on the dots in the tours scatterplot.
  • The Cure has performed “Why Can’t I Be You?” live over 533 times. Hover over dots in the Song Explorer to learn about the most popular songs on their setlists.

Even though some songs are not as popular, The Cure plays them live anyways—for the fans️!

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