Community and pivoting into a career in data

The DataFam Speaks series highlights our amazing Tableau community members. Watch the video to learn more about Tableau Social Ambassador Alice McKnight. 

Alice McKnight credits consistent participation in the Tableau community as the catalyst for her recent career transition from public health professional to data analytics consultant. After cautiously stepping into the Tableau community social media space, she quickly embraced the community’s values of encouragement, continued growth, and curiosity for all things data. As a new Social Media Ambassador, she intends on giving back, connecting, and uplifting others new to Tableau. After spending time with family and friends, her interests include sipping on craft beer, attending live music events, and exploring new restaurants.

DataFam inspiration

Candra McRae introduced Alice to the Tableau Community and provided feedback on her early visualizations at the beginning of her journey. Candra McRae is a Tableau Lead Solution Engineer and former Community Equity Task Force member—follow her on Tableau Public.  

Get connected 

Follow along with Alice’s data journey:

Twitter: @abmcknight18
Tableau Public profile

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