Announcing Tableau 8.3 Kerberos Support

Product Manager Neelesh Kamkolkar announces the launch of Tableau 8.3 which extends Enterprise Security with Support for Kerberos.
I’m excited to announce the general availability of Tableau 8.3, which delivers support for Kerberos for Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services, and Cloudera Impala. Kerberos is a secure authentication protocol, which delivers single sign-on for end users across multiple services on a network, using strong cryptography. It provides a seamless, single-sign-on experience from an end user's Tableau client all the way to the backend data source. You can leverage your existing IT investments in enterprise-grade authentication and authorization to provide row-level security, including when using smart cards. Tableau 8.3 also makes it easier for IT to setup, configure and troubleshoot Kerberos in Tableau 8.3.

"Support for Kerberos delegation in Tableau Server empowers us to leverage our database security model with ease. Authors can create visualizations against secured database views and/or OLAP cubes and publish them without worrying about security, because now the backend data source can take care of that based on the viewer’s identity. As an added bonus, the guided configuration made set up easy."

You can learn more about Tableau 8.3 here.