2015 Data Resolutions

Happy 2015! Here at Tableau Public we are ready for another exciting year in data! We are looking forward to lots of great things this year: a new release of Tableau, our conference in Vegas, and of course Pi day being the most digits it can be this year (3/14/15)! We also have a whole new year of learning and self-improvement ahead of us, and as Google Trends illustrates, now is the time that people start thinking about goals for the year:

Keeping with that, this month is #DataResolutions month! The team has all set some resolutions for ourselves and this month we will all write how we are going to achieve them!

Ben Jones

“I’d like to make our website a much nicer place for the awesome community of Tableau Public authors to learn, showcase their work and get inspired by the work of others.”

Jewel Loree

"Everyone already knows I love easy scraping tools like import.io to do webscraping, but this year I want to kick it up a notch and get into writing Python scripts so that I can interact with more APIs, scrape more websites, and do more data cleanup work.”

Tara Walker

"My resolution is to become a Calculation guru!”

Sophie Sparkes

"I really want to give the Javascript API a go and see what I can do with it.”

Dash Davidson

"My resolution will be to stay on top of all the data-viz content out there on a daily basis: AKA set up the most bad-ass RSS feed/Feedly out there!”

Andrew Cheung

"I resolve to start a blog and get more involved in the community this year."

What's your data resolution? Tweet it to us using the hashtag #DataResolution! At the end of the month, one lucky tweeter will win some awesome Tableau swag!