10x Data Viz Contest

Time really does fly when you are having fun... it's already time for another Iron Viz feeder contest! Every year, a series of three Tableau Public contests are held to select the three contestants for the Iron Viz Championship. With our big conference taking place in Las Vegas this year, you don't want to miss this opportunity to win one of the coveted Iron Viz spots. The first spot already went to Shine Pulikathara for his excellent viz on French Impressionist Painters for the Wiki Data Viz Contest.

For this month's contest, we thought we'd celebrate the big news that Tableau Public users can now publish vizzes with up to 10 million rows. We want you to make a viz with any dataset that breaks the old data limit of a million rows (yes, a million and one rows count!). We are calling it the 10x Data Viz Contest!

Need some inspiration? Here's a viz I recently made and posted on our blog based on the 5.5 million row Social Security Administration baby names dataset:

If you are looking for a dataset to use, there's definitely plenty more stories buried within that dataset. You can find some sample datasets to use on the contest page. The submission period for the 10x Data Viz Contest starts NOW and runs until June 14, so find some data and get to vizzing!

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