TVS Credit

TVS Credit uses Tableau to monitor employee needs resulting from COVID-19

Based in India, TVS Credit is a Non-Banking Financial Company which provides lending for two-wheelers, used cars, tractors, consumer durables, used commercial vehicles and MSMEs. The company strives to create value for employees, and in response to COVID-19, it has taken a structured approach to protect their wellbeing. Tableau is an integral part of this approach and is used to monitor and respond to employee needs on a daily basis.

The company’s overall response to COVID-19 includes three main pillars of activity: awareness creation; employee wellbeing; and business continuity. The biggest challenge, however, was to ensure the safety and wellbeing of over 14,000 employees spread across more than 130 locations pan India. Leading this is a task force headed up by TVS Credit’s most senior leaders, and they have set up a sub-task force dedicated to the needs of the employees. With the help of Tableau, the requirements of the geographically dispersed employees could be centrally tracked and monitored on a continuous basis.

As one of its first priorities, this sub-task force set up a dashboard in Tableau to visualise information related to the health and safety of employees. Refreshed daily with information collected from employees, regional and area supervisors, the dashboard helps TVS Credit to assess employee needs across several categories, including the health of employees and family members and any requirements for finance, medicine, food or transport.

Immediately upon launching the dashboard, TVS Credit identified over 100 employees with urgent medical emergencies and was able to formulate a quick scheme to help and provide financial support where needed. Since that time, they have continued to track and resolve employee needs, and the number of those requiring support has steadily come down. In addition, regional and area supervisors have been equipped to resolve most issues themselves so that the task force can focus on those which are critical.
TVS Credit believes in the power of data as it enables quick decision making in times of crisis. The company relied on the clear and structured visual interface of Tableau, which gave a snapshot of employee needs and helped them respond to those in a swift manner.

TVS Credit’s structured approach towards addressing employee needs at this time has reaffirmed its commitment to being an employee-first organisation, and employees have responded by saying that they feel cared for and are proud to be part of the organisation.

Adding to this, TVS Credit is now supporting the employees with additional training so that they can use some of this time working from home to focus on upskilling and developing their careers. Weekly dashboards help them to stay on track by monitoring their status and completion.