Nissan builds an enterprise data culture with Tableau, democratizing analysis across every dealer location

Yielded multi-million dollar savings to Nissan’s bottom line with Tableau

Adopted Tableau analytics across all lines of business, North America plants and dealerships, and every affiliate location

Reduced warranty claims by anticipating customer needs and vehicle maintenance

Danielle Beringer, Regional Data Officer, North America at Nissan delivered a keynote address with Tableau CEO Adam Selipsky at Tableau Conference 2019. Nissan is a technology company that moves people through its automotive products and services. Facing market and business changes, the company strategically uses Tableau and data to improve its product offerings, drive digital outcomes, recalibrate business processes, and reimagine employee and customer engagement. Data abundance from “seas of spreadsheets” was overwhelming. But with Tableau and Tableau Blueprint, a step-by-step data culture guide that validated their approach to enterprise change, Nissan now visualizes global data and a brighter future.

It’s exciting for us to see Blueprint now. It validates how we shaped our data culture.

Trying to stay relevant with customers and use data more strategically wasn’t easy; legacy actions and staff behaviors were challenged. In fact, Nissan reimagined data-related roles and implemented a support model, emphasizing data management, certification, and citizen development with staff. This prompted data advocacy from leadership, greater collaboration, and helped everyone speak the same data language. “What felt like a brick wall between the business and Information Systems team also came down as data formed the unifying bridge to help them achieve the best outcomes,” explained Danielle. There is now enterprise Tableau adoption from headquarters into the supply chain, at every nationwide Nissan or Infiniti dealership, and affiliate locations. Visual analytics shared worldwide track sales effectiveness, production, optimal vehicle delivery, online customer interactions, and more. This has rooted operations in data, helped Nissan thrive, meet demand, and developed “global unity on data context and synergy that never existed,” concluded Danielle.

Tableau was the catalyst to help employees have that ‘aha data moment.’ That flicker of data cognition turning into deeper understanding was what Nissan needed for success in a digital world.

Build a data culture with Tableau Blueprint

Tableau Blueprint is a step-by-step guide to building the capabilities you need to create a successful Data Culture in your organization.

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