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Resolved Issues

Problem-id Beskrivning

Connections now support the underscore character in the Server name. This change enables Tableau Bridge pools to support data freshness tasks in the domains defined by any server names that use the underscore in the Private Network Allowlist.


The Kanji character was incorrect when using the Workbook Optimizer.

Updated Spring framework to 5.3.18


The error, "Unrecognized Format Changes" could occur when connecting to a published data source from Databricks which was created or changed on Server.


Share links for site names that contain a hyphen would redirect to an error page stating, "That page could not be accessed."


Visualizations within tooltips applied across all marks, were not properly passing filters when there were multiple fields. The filter would only work against the last field.


After clicking on a Flow Connection Name while in grid view, it would sometimes result in the error, "Page Unavailable"


Set actions would sometimes not apply after publishing a workbook to Tableau Online when using a published data source.


When attempting to load a dashboard within a story it would sometimes result in the error, "Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'tuples')".


After publishing a workbook the text would sometimes change its alignment.


When publishing a flow to Tableau Server or Tableau Online using either Prep Web Authoring or Builder, if the flow had multiple write-to-database output steps that publish to the same connection, the publish would fail with "Unknown Server Error".


When a user was added to a Tableau Online site using "Tableau with MFA" authentication, they would not receive the expected invitation email used to sign up for a account.


Virtual Connections Not Able To Connect To DB When IP Address Is Used


A custom view would sometimes not reflect the dynamic parameter in a subscription email.

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