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Driving Ad ROI with Google and Tableau: TeamSnap’s Story

One of the hardest parts about understanding your digital advertising’s impact is getting the right data, in the right place. To do so, many marketers either download spreadsheets or build out ETL processes--both of which take time away from data analysis.

Google is taking this challenge on by automating the transfer of all of the data from its three largest ad platforms, Adwords, DoubleClick, and YouTube, straight into its BigQuery platform. And with the Tableau platform you can analyze, interact and deploy this up-to-date advertising data across your organization with trust and confidence.

In this webcast, Ken McDonald of TeamSnap shows you how he used Google Cloud and Tableau to make his media budget go further, including:

  • Using Tableau and Big Query to pull together advertising data from disparate data sources.
  • Creating dashboards that provide a macro view to TeamSnap’s advertising efforts.
  • Optimizing advertising efforts by prioritizing campaigns based on costs vs the lifetime value of customers acquired through advertising.

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About the speaker


Ken McDonald

Chief Growth Officer, TeamSnap

Ken has been involved with customer growth for the better part of 25 years. Starting in 1998, he was a leader on Oracle’s e-commerce team. There he helped grow Oracle’s e-commerce business from a relatively small site to one that was doing hundreds of millions of dollars a year in business. At the time, it was one of the largest e-commerce sites on the web. Ken later joined LifePics, an online photo company, where he ran everything from marketing to product management to account management. During his tenure, he grew LifePics from a few thousand users to a user base of over 12 million. From there, Ken moved on to join TeamSnap as Chief Growth Officer.

As Chief Growth Officer at TeamSnap he runs growth marketing, sales, and analytics. During his tenure at TeamSnap, he has used cutting-edge analytics to grow TeamSnap from half a million users to over 15 million users. He also drove the B2B side of TeamSnap’s business from a handful of users to roughly 4,000 customers.

Ken has a MBA from Stanford and a BA in Math and Economics from Dartmouth and is a co-author of How to Acquire Your First Million Customers, a book focused on growth marketing.

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