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Tableau experts, partners, and customers gathered virtually from around the globe to share their expertise, success stories, and analytics cases. Now, watch any sessions from the virtual event to hear how your IT peers are transforming their businesses with trusted data. View the full list of sessions below and watch on demand to learn how you can optimize business growth with a flexible, scalable governance structure that fuels a thriving Data Culture.

A journey to success with data transformation

PG Wielezynski
Zaheera Valani
In this keynote, Zaheera Valani, VP of Engineering at Tableau, will speak with Pierre Guillaume Wielezynski at World Food Programme about their data transformation journey. You’ll learn how WFP used Tableau Blueprint to create a framework for strategic implementation and ongoing business conversations.

Customer Roundtable: Why scalable, flexible governance is vital for today’s businesses

Zak Geis
Marc Vandeveer
Sabih Khan
For our final keynote, Sabih Khan of Salesforce will host an intriguing roundtable discussion about scalable governance structure and business agility. The panel includes Marc Vandeveer, Chief Innovation Officer at the United States Air Force, and Zak Geis, VP of Software Engineering at Chase Bank.

Realize the business and technical value of analytics with Tableau

Charles Schaefer
With tons of analytics products in the market, what makes Tableau so special? We'll cover the core capabilities of Tableau and what it's unique value. Whether you're new to Tableau or looking to justify a Tableau analytics implementation, learn about the business and technical value that Tableau can provide in the enterprise.

Gain flexibility and choice with Tableau in the cloud

Scott Smith
Tom Friedlander
The cloud offers many benefits to modernize and optimize your analytics. Join this session to learn about the flexible deployment options that Tableau offers you and your stakeholders—no matter your data strategy or where you are in your cloud adoption.

Empower users to know, use, and trust governed data

Nathan Cho
Nirav Kamdar
Sharing trusted data with the organization begins with governance. Join us to hear about Tableau’s journey in implementing a data governance framework to support the analytics community. We’ll share our lessons learned, where we are today, and where we are going next.

Manage governance for self-service analytics

Noel Carter
Cesar Picco
Can everyone in your organization securely access the data they need to make informed decisions? Join us to learn how to overcome challenges that organizations face when implementing modern, self-service analytics at scale. We’ll dive into governance models that can help you ensure responsible use of data and transform your business.

Enable self-service with Data Management

Greg Koumoundouros
Tableau spearheaded self-service analytics with an intuitive platform that empowers people of all skill levels to use data to make informed decisions. Now we’ve expanded our vision for self-service into data management. In this session, we’ll discuss how the modern data environment is shifting, and how to overcome the barriers to self-service and a more mature Data Culture.

Manage Tableau Server at scale

Darren McGurran
There are many ways to deploy and manage Tableau Server, including on-premises and in the cloud. In this session, you’ll learn important considerations and benefits across various deployment scenarios, including best practices for security, maintenance, monitoring, and optimizing performance of your Tableau Server environment.

Unlock your Data Culture using Tableau Blueprint

Jeremy Blaney
Courtney Smith
Transforming into a data-driven organization requires a strategic investment in both your technology and Data Culture. In this session, Tableau will introduce you to Tableau Blueprint, a proven methodology that provides prescriptive, repeatable guidance to broaden, deepen, and scale the use of data. In addition, Illumina will speak about their journey using Tableau Blueprint to unlock their Data Culture and grow their analytics offerings.

Enable Tableau Creators with a center of excellence at Chase

Heather Gough
Data skills are critical to driving value with analytics. At Chase, the Tableau center of excellence expanded its training opportunities with the “Tableau Academy”—a boot camp-style course that takes users from beginner to expert in 16 weeks. Learn how Chase implemented the academy, its lessons learned, and the path forward.

Tableau roadmap and platform strategy

Francois Zimmermann
Juha Teljo
The Tableau platform is continuously evolving to deliver the range of experiences required to empower everyone in your organization with data. In this session, we’ll explore how Tableau innovation impacts how you curate and govern data while managing the platform for self-service analytics at scale.

Your modern analytics architecture, powered by Tableau and partners

Nick Brisoux
Tableau works closely with third-party software vendors to complement and integrate with the Tableau platform and accelerate customers’ data initiatives. In this session, you’ll learn how Tableau integrates with our technology partners’ platforms to help you design a modern data architecture that can meet the evolving analytics needs of your entire organization.

Four steps to user security on the Tableau Platform

Miranda Osterheld
This session will give you 4 steps to secure your users in Tableau, and cover the various identity, authentication, authorization, and row level security considerations within the Tableau Platform (Tableau Online or Tableau Server). Our goal is you leave this session with a comfortable understanding of how to secure your Tableau users.

Integrate all your data with MuleSoft

Sarah Bendich
Data is the key to uncovering insights about customers, employees, and your business—but it can also create huge challenges because data lives everywhere. Join this session to learn how you can unlock your data, wherever it resides, to power impactful insights and analytics that drive business growth.

#LIKEABOSCH How Bosch is achieving global data transformation with Tableau

Florian Bankoley
Join us as Florian Bankoley, EVP at Bosch, shares their journey to becoming a data-driven, insight-led company with Tableau. Bosch, an Internet of Things pioneer, has successfully enabled a thriving global Data Culture with trusted, governed analytics for 15k+ associates in 43 countries. Learn how they transformed their business from the ground up to meet rapidly changing customer needs worldwide.

Integrating SAP with Tableau

Sebastian Blötz
Simon Rech
Watch this webinar to learn how you can connect SAP BW and SAP HANA with Tableau using a simple but fast data model to improve performance and achieve complete integration—so you can begin extracting maximum value from your data.

Governance for self-service analytics at scale

Joe Kristo
With Tableau’s self-service data preparation tools you can have governance and freedom as we put the power in the hands of those who know the data best, while reducing the burden on IT to prepare it. Listen in as we explore how to create a data-driven analytics culture at scale.

The Home Depot: How we get IT done - with analytics

Sherry McFarland
Michael Hetrick
The IT department at The Home Depot is on a mission to drive intelligent business decisions with data. Continuing to think outside the box of traditional IT reporting, they have progressed from inefficient and ungoverned spreadsheets living on individual computers to connected data sources of supported ITSM applications.

Driving Innovation with Data

Jorge A. Lopez
Data and analytics have become a competitive differentiator and a primary source of value generation for organizations. However, transforming data into a valuable corporate asset is a complex topic that can easily entail the use of dozens of technologies, tools, and environments. AWS provides the broadest and deepest set of managed services for data lakes and analytics, along with the largest partner community to help you build virtually any data and analytics application in the Cloud. Join this session to learn more about AWS’s service offerings and how we partner with Tableau.

Power data collaboration with Snowflake and Tableau

Paul Horan
Snowflake and Tableau are leading technologies addressing the challenges of increasing amounts of data and increasing demand for data. Snowflake provides a near limitless platform for data storage and processing with secure data sharing, and Tableau provides a highly intuitive, self-service data analytics platform. In this session, you'll see how the two technologies can empower companies and users to access data from across the Snowflake Data Cloud to generate insights in Tableau.


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See how customers from around the world and across industries are using our products to inspire breakthroughs and create lasting impact.

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Empower your organization with Tableau Blueprint. Take the assessment to benchmark your current state and get personalized, actionable recommendations towards scaling your analytics and becoming more data-driven.


See how IT and business users can work together to define a governance model that ensures data quality, content security, and consistency.

Data Management

Learn about trust, visibility, and governance for self-service analytics at scale.

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