10 ways to connect with your data community—in person at Tableau Conference 2022

Tableau Visionary Sarah Bartlett dishes on all in-person community offerings this year Tableau Conference 2022.

The 2022 Tableau Conference is almost upon us! 

This year will mark my fifth in-person global Tableau Conference (TC). Thinking back to my first global TC experience at TC16 in Austin, I remember how exciting it was to connect with community members in person for the first time. Back then, I was relatively new to the community and was anxious about attending my first TC. I needn't have worried though! Not only was the conference easy to navigate as a first-timer, but the community was also incredibly welcoming and made me feel at ease. The conference sessions that year left me feeling energized and ready to take my use of Tableau to the next level while the connections I made in person helped me to form friendships with Tableau users from across the globe. It’s this excitement and sense of connection that I’ve looked forward to at every TC event since then. 

Sarah Bartlett and some of the DataFam in-person at previous Tableau Conferences

I’m especially excited this year as it will be the first in-person TC since 2019 and my first attending as a Tableau Visionary! As a Visionary, I’ll be volunteering as a Tableau Doctor; something I’ve really enjoyed working on as part of the virtual conferences for the past two years. It’s a great feeling knowing that you’ve helped someone overcome a tricky Tableau challenge. With the hybrid model this year, those that can’t attend in person will still get to experience the conference from home. That includes signing up for virtual Tableau Doctor sessions!  

As always, the conference will include a vast selection of breakout sessions. With so many to choose from, I find it helpful to choose a conference learning objective and plan your sessions around it. This helps to narrow your focus down to a smaller selection of sessions that will help you to achieve your learning goals. Searching by session theme in the session catalog is particularly helpful too. To complement the breakout sessions, I recommend signing up for Braindates that align with your learning objectives, as well. You can even create your own Braindates tailored to a topic of your choice! Braindates are a great way of meeting people with common interests and learning from the experiences of others. 

Have you registered yet? If not, start here. There will be an option to attend in person or virtually. If you’re planning to attend virtually, check out our Virtual Community Guide, and if you’ll be joining me and the DataFam in Las Vegas this year, dive into all the Tableau Community offerings available below. 

Meet your data people at Data Village

Did you miss face-to-face connections? We did too. Make sure to head over to Data Village—our central Tableau Community Hub at TC!

  • "Community Conversations” will be happening throughout Tableau Conference at Data Village. These are smaller scale, more intimate discussions with Tableau Community Leaders, and an opportunity for you to meet and learn more about their area of expertise. 
  • Explore the Tableau Public Viz Gallery located in Data Village and view some of the most impactful visualizations published over the last year. Want to see even more? Check out the immersive online Viz Gallery that showcases the diversity of our community and the limitless possibilities of Tableau launching May 16th.  
  • Go on a shopping spree at the Tableau Store or plan ahead and shop online.
  • Once you’re geared up, snap a picture in the photo booth, located at Data Village or share your excitement in the virtual photo booth.

Community members at Iron Viz 2019

Celebrate Community at TC22

  • Watch Iron Viz LIVE in person (May 18, 9 am PDT) and vote for your favorite Iron Viz contestant.
  1. Get ready to follow along the competition by downloading the Iron Viz scorecard.
  2. Test your knowledge with this Iron Viz quiz on Tableau Public. Be sure to share your score with the DataFam on social media.
  3. Reserve your spot in the audience and find out who will score the big prize (Note: You must be logged in to view)
  • Celebrate the final night party of Tableau Conference 2022 with the Community. Join the DataFam as everyone celebrates the last night of TC with delicious eats, refreshing drinks and amazing entertainment.

Grow your data skills

  • Connect one-on-one with Tableau Visionaries, in person at the Minute Clinic to cure technical issues, tackle advanced tools, and invigorate your visualizations and dashboards. Schedule your Tableau Doctor appointment at TC22 here.
  • Meetups are back! Community leaders are hosting interactive sessions to discuss challenges and share success stories. Some of this years’ meetups include: Workout Wednesday, Viz For Social Good, Back 2 Viz Basics, and Data+Women. Join these hands-on sessions, meet the community project leaders, and learn how you can get involved to grow your data visualization skills. You can view and add the meetups to your TC22 schedule here.
  • Join a Braindate for informative, 30–45-minute discussions with small groups of big thinkers. Find a topic—or create your own—specific to your interest or industry, then connect with other attendees.
  • Dive into the Community Episode Directory (check it out below!) and add to your TC schedule to reserve your seat.

Community Session Directory

Across these 19 Community sessions, there’s truly something for everyone—whether you’re a Tableau novice, expert, a new DataFam member, or Tableau Visionary. We’ve got you covered! Dive into all the community-led sessions and add the ones that resonate with you to your schedule builder.

Analytics for Everyone

Data + Diversity: The Engine for Innovation (Fireside Chat with Jackie Yeaney and Chad Foster)
Data + Women: Bridging the Gender Gap with Kyla Guru 
Beginner's Tableau Speed Tips
Advanced Tableau Speed Tips
Prototyping: Building Better Dashboard Designs
Beautiful Business Dashboards: The How and The Why
How to Do Cool Stuff in Tableau

All Things Data

The Live Mystery Show: 3Charts@3

Data Culture

The 2022 Vizzies
Celebrating Iron Viz 2022
Meet the Community Team
Busting the DataViz Myths
How to Keep and Retain Talent
Teaching Tableau
Chart Chat Live
Tableau and Its Impact on Our Careers
Tableau Public Portfolios: Discover the Wow Factor
More Viral Vizzing Fun
How to Start Your Own Internal Data Skills Education Program


Nothing brings the Tableau Community together on the same scale as TC and with the lack of in-person events over the last few years, this TC is going to be extra special. I can’t wait to reconnect with familiar faces in the community and meet many newer community members for the first time. If you’re looking to connect with the community too, you’ll likely find us hanging out in the Data Village! This is a great place to hang out, recharge, and make new connections. Also located in the Data Village you’ll find two of my favorite TC attractions mentioned above; the Tableau Public Viz Gallery and the famous TC photo booth! 

What are you most excited about after reading this post? Connect with me on Twitter @SarahLovesData and use the hashtags #DataFam and #Data22 to let me know! If you are attending the conference in person, I look forward to seeing you there! I would love to connect with you.