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50 Years of Fleetwood Mac

With the exception of a short hiatus, Fleetwood Mac has been on the music scene for over 50 years, so it is understandable that the band might have a bit of turnover in its membership. Ken Flerlage wanted to see how the band has evolved over time, so he created this circular visualization that spans 1967 to 2019, color-coded by band member, while the bubbles on the sides represent the albums. The size of the bubble indicates the record’s popularity: the bigger the bubble, the more records sold.

Explore the visualization

  • What was Fleetwood Mac’s top selling album? Rumour has it that you’ll find out if you click on the largest bubble in the visualization.
  • There was only one album made without Stevie Nicks or Lindsey Buckingham. Find the flop by clicking on Nicks' (purple) or Buckingham's (brown) photo.
  • In their first 10 years as a band, Fleetwood Mac made 11 albums. How many albums have they made in the 42 years since? Count the bubbles to find out.

I wanted music to play a role in the viz so I leveraged Spotify to embed short clips of each album directly into the visualization.

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