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Server Upgrade

Realize the full power of Tableau

Let a Tableau Expert upgrade your organization to the latest server version. Upgrades take careful planning and can draw time and attention away from your most critical IT resources. With Tableau Server Upgrade we do the heavy lifting so you can quickly and successfully upgrade your environment and your team can produce deeper, more relevant findings by taking advantage of Tableau’s newest features.

Unlock the power of Tableau's newest features

Feature upgrades, performance enhancements and new data connectors are just some of the ways you can harness the latest improvements to Tableau.

Eliminate the risk of a failed upgrade

Upgrading your environment can prove challenging and failing can be costly. Rest easy knowing Tableau's experts are here to guide you through every step of the upgrade.

Lean on our expertise

No one knows Tableau better than Tableau. Let our experts guide you through proven common practices that will help you with pre-upgrade planning, migration, execution and post-upgrade testing.

Engagement Goals

From preparation to execution and testing, our experts are here to make your upgrade experience both seamless and successful. Let us help you drive greater impact, stronger performance and faster time to insights with the newest and most powerful Tableau features. Before we begin your upgrade, we will make sure we gather all the necessary information, create a pre-upgrade plan and back up your environment. After executing the upgrade, we will perform testing to ensure the upgrade was a success.

  • Confirm objectives and dependencies
  • Confirm necessary stakeholder participation and access
  • Requirements
  • Understand current environment and design
  • Review Tableau Server Upgrade Questionnaire
  • Development
  • Document differences between current and target versions
  • Build upgrade plan for Desktop, Mobile, and Prep
  • Execution and Testing
  • Execute the upgrade in accordance with documented plan
  • Post-upgrade QA environment test
  • Final Delivery
  • Provide final documentation
  • Provide guidance for ongoing Server maintenance
  • Duration
  • 1 week (40 hours) for upgrading 1-2 small/medium sized environments
  • 2 week (80 hours) for upgrading 1-3 large environments
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    The focus of this engagement is to lead you through a successful upgrade of your Tableau Server. There are a few dependencies that need to be addressed before a consultant can assist you:

  • An instance of Tableau Server with full access granted to consultant via a domain account (AD or LDAP) as well as network access.
  • Access and preparatory steps for server systems (proper processor RAM, disk available) as well as network and authentication steps have been completed prior to the engagement. Your consultant will share these steps with you prior to the engagement.
  • Access to and participation from the Tableau Server administrator, systems owner, network team as well as stakeholders, analysts and data owners.
  • Software upgrades on existing infrastructure is in-scope for this package. The upgrade can be performed in-place or to a new (replacement) environment. Guidance on appropriate hardware configuration is included as well as minor network architecture changes.

    The following items are not part of the standard Server Upgrade scope of work. If your organization has these or additional needs, the engagement may require custom scoping. Please reach out to your Account Executive to get started:

  • OS changes
  • Changing cloud services (major network change)
  • Transition from on-premise to cloud deployment
  • Complex network architecture changes or design
  • Significant re-architecture of the environment (i.e. new number of servers, addition of new components like load balancers)
  • Changes in Tableau Server authentification configuration
  • Changes to user licensing model (Core vs. RBO)
  • Basic Validation and Testing is in scope. Detailed QA on Individual Pieces of Content will be customer’s responsibility.

    A Tableau expert will work with you to determine if a custom scope is needed based on your unique situation

    An expert in Tableau server upgrades will be assigned to your project and will work through the following steps:

    • Pre-upgrade planning: Document your current environment and design
    • Migration planning: Assess and plan for upgrading all Tableau products, including Tableau Server, Desktop, Mobile, and Prep.
    • Upgrade execution: Execute the upgrade according to the Upgrade Plan of Action
    • Post-upgrade testing: Review current monitoring in place and provide best practice guidance

    The standard duration for upgrading 1-2 small/medium size environments is 1 week. Upgrading up to 3 large environments takes 2 weeks.

    • Get the newest analytics features and integrations to help your team deeper insights
    • Secure your data and optimize the performance of your environment with bug & security fixes
    • Access the ability to leverage Tableau’s powerful new ad-ons including Data Management and Server Management