dashboarding software delivers insight, elegance

Performance dashboards are supposed to make your business more efficient. So why are they so often ignored?

Many performance management dashboards are all sizzle and no steak. They ignore principles of good visual design in favor of the latest animations and trendiest buttons, delivering little to no insight into your business's actual performance.

A performance management dashboard from Tableau is designed to simplify your business. Dashboards are supposed to save you time. They shouldn't require hours of work and an information request to IT every few weeks.

To be an effective tool for performance management, a dashboard must be designed to inform, not impress. A new generation of dashboarding software is taking the business world by storm by incorporating visual design best practices, drag-and-drop editing, and elegant interactivity.

are you demanding enough from your performance dashboard?

You shouldn’t need a separate department to create and maintain a dashboard for management. It should be simple to set up a dashboard, it should be quick to adjust it for your business's current goals, and the entire process should be as easy as drag-and-drop.

performance management dashboards that actually save you time

  • effective visualizations
  • multiple data source aggregation
  • easy setup, customization, and filtering
  • simple sharing

Tableau was spun out of Stanford University to bring the principles of visual design to life. It’s the next generation of dashboarding software- and it works. Download our free trial and try it out.