What is the Global Data Community, Data + Women?

Learn more about Data + Women—a community connecting women and allies around the world over a shared love for data.

The idea behind Data + Women is a simple one—to share stories, make connections, and recognize the amazing women, and allies who elevate them, in the data community. 

How did Data + Women get started?

Data + Women was originally founded by Tableau Community members, Emily Kund, Anya A’Hern, Kelly Martin, Ashley Oman, and Leigh Fonseca. The initiative first came to life when 50 or so data professionals met in a room at Tableau Conference 2014 for conversations on creating change and opportunities for women in tech. Since this first meeting, over 30 individual chapters have launched in cities around the world connecting thousands of people working in and around data.

What is the mission?

Data + Women provides a platform for all data and analytics enthusiasts to learn new skills, share experiences, and broaden their networks while elevating women working in data. The global Data + Women group hosts quarterly meetings for all members, while individual chapters are organized and run by their local Data + Women chapter leaders.

Meet some members of Data + Women

Here are a few Data + Women member stories to show how Data + Women has impacted their personal lives, careers, and relationships.

Annabelle Rincon, Zurich, Switzerland

“I get inspired at every single event and leave feeling more confident and prepared to speak in public, because I know that I am in a safe environment, where I can be who I truly am.”

Annabelle first heard of Data + Women on stage at Tableau Conference 2019. She was inspired by Data + Women Netherlands to start a chapter to connect with other women and allies living near Zurich, Switzerland. 

Annabelle loves giving back to the Tableau Community through the Data + Women initiative–whether that’s supporting a more reserved person to speak on stage or helping a fellow member land a new job.

Jayshree Dawrewar, Singapore

"Data + Women is not just a platform to learn something but also where you bond and enrich your connections. You share your feelings, learn from mentors and guests while also understanding what’s happening beyond our own world!"

After moving to a new country, Data + Women helped Jayshree make new friends and expand her network, many of which have become her role models. In 2021, she joined the leadership team of the Data + Women Singapore chapter, where she helps organize events and create opportunities for women in Singapore to share their stories.

Ligia Galvão, São Paulo, Brazil

“The meetings address relevant topics for those who currently work or would like to work in data. It helped me connect with a vast type of professionals.”

Ligia’s first contact with Data + Women was during the 2020 lockdown, where she fell in love with the enthusiasm of the speakers and attendees. She quickly realized how safe an environment Data + Women was to learn and express opinions, especially for women working in male-dominated data teams where they can often feel out of place.

Nisa Marques, United Kingdom

“It is truly amazing to have such great talent, positivity, and passion around you."

Nisa discovered Data + Women in 2016 from a colleague and has since then helped start a chapter for the Latin American community. 

Nisa always leaves feeling inspired after attending Data + Women meetups and finds it refreshing to hear so many different perspectives around data, visualization design, art and more. 

Vinodh Kumar V R, Tamil Nadu, India

“The depth of the knowledge you can gain from the events and the networking opportunities is incredible. For women who have inhibitions in public speaking and community engagements, joining this initiative will be transformational."

In 2020 Vinodh was invited to join a Data + Women event as a judge for their Vizathon event supporting the SDG Viz Project. Through attending chapter meetups, Vinodh has seen his data skills improve and also found inspiration for running his community initiatives. 

Vinodh loves Data + Women’s focus on promoting diversity by welcoming all individuals and not shying away from covering topics on equity and inclusion. 

How can you join a chapter?

Data + Women is an informal and safe space for all individuals to meet up, discuss issues, learn skills, and network in the data-related field. View a list of individual chapters spread across the globe—currently meeting virtually and in person—and request to receive updates on upcoming meetings to join the group. You can also subscribe here to be notified of Global Data + Women events and opportunities. 

Don’t see a group in your area or region? Consider starting one of your own.