11 Fresh Vizes - the Lighter Side of BI

From "Undercooked Foods" and "Celebrity Jail Discount" to "Facebook Adoption" and "Google's Custom Homepage Costing Millions", check out our visual news stories.
  • Eating undercooked foods may be hazardous to your health... - Where does your state rank in food borne illness?

    food borne illness

  • There goes $15,000,000 - but it sure was fun! - Use this interactive app to see how much you think has been sheared off of US GDP by Google's homepage.

  • NFL Team Values - It's All About the Stadium - What factors drive NFL team values.

  • Celebrity discount: Jail time for famous citizens - Check out the jail time for noted celebrity offenders compared to the maximum time they could have been sentenced.

    Celebrity discount: Jail time

  • Into the Strike Zone: A-Rod's 600th Homer - The tiniest slip of the finger in a 90 MPH pitch resulted in the perfect, slightly inside fastball.

  • Visualization of Warren Buffett's $200B Giving Pledge - These pledges could eradicate AIDS worldwide, provide every human with clean water, clean up the BP oil spill and save the Amazon, with plenty left over.

    Giving Pledge

  • Patent and Trademark Filings Worldwide - Check out the pulse of innovation and entrepreneurship.

    Patent and Trademark Filings Worldwide

  • US iPad Users are Overpaying for their Data Plans - This visualization shows that US users pay some of the highest prices in the world (by $/GB) for their monthly data plans.

  • Dr. Who Villain Motives - Whether they are looking to invade the earth, drink blood or just kill the Doctor, rest assured you will be entertained.

  • Facebook Adoption Worldwide - Remember the innocent, students-only Facebook of 2005? Without pictures, without video... without Mom?

    Facebook Adoption

  • The Top 100 Tableau Public Visualizations - In the first six months of this year Tableau Public visualizations were viewed 4.5 million times.
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