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Tableau Bridge 20182.18.0807.1945

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Gio, 09 Agosto, 2018

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When refreshing a SAS extract, sometimes an "Invalid database name value" error occurred.


When refreshing an extract stored on a shared drive and accessed via UNC path, sometimes an "Unable to refresh data source because of an unsupported operation" error occurred.


With Bridge client in Extract Only mode, sometimes extract data sources did not appear.


In some cases, when clicking the X to remove a data source, Tableau Bridge closed unexpectedly.


When you unlinked the Bridge client, the following error sometimes occurred: "There was an unexpected problem so the Tableau Bridge client will restart now".


When hovering the mouse over the icon for an extract data source, the icon would sometimes blink.


When "Allow connected clients for this Tableau Online site" was disabled, sometimes an "Error copying file" message occurred.