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My Tableau Story

Discover what's possible with the Tableau Community

Through the Community you can learn Tableau, grow your skills, connect with helpful people, and develop as an inspiring leader.

The My Tableau Story series showcases the evolving and inspiring experiences of Tableau Community leaders. People like you who wanted to grow in their data journey. Through the Community, they connected with friendly people who helped them overcome challenges, and they discovered new approaches to solving problems with Tableau. Each step of their journey brought them here—to share their story with you.

Where will your Tableau journey lead?

Join us to become inspired and equipped with tangible actions as you enter the next chapter of your Tableau story. Each session will be unique, so we recommend joining us a few times as you grow in the Tableau Community. During live broadcasts, you'll also have the chance to get your questions answered directly by our Community leaders.

Webinar on-demand

Titolo Lunghezza
My Tableau Story with Visionary Annabelle Rincon
Discover how the Community has empowered Annabelle to become an internationally-recognized leader known for elevating women in data and helping others grow.
50 min
My Tableau Story with Visionary Jim Dehner
Learn how in six years an engineer with a business degree became a 5-time Tableau Ambassador, Visionary, and Tableau User Group leader.
40 min
My Tableau Story with Visionary Adam Mico
"Your breakthrough is coming regardless of a label." Learn how Adam has transformed his professional and personal life since joining the Community in 2019.
54 min
My Tableau Story with Visionary Lindsay Betzendahl
Learn how Lindsay has transformed her career and grown into an inspiring leader with Tableau.
51 min
My Tableau Story with Hall of Fame Visionary Bridget Cogley
Sign language interpreter turned analyst, Bridget Cogley brings an interdisciplinary approach to data analytics. Learn how the Community has shaped this four-time Tableau Visionary’s career.
63 min
My Tableau Story with Visionary Lorna Brown
Lorna is the co-leader of Community initiatives, Workout Wednesday and Tableau Tip Tuesday. Learn how this Tableau Visionary and Public Ambassador helps companies and the community see and understand data.
48 min
My Tableau Story with Visionaries Kevin & Ken Flerlage
Identical twin brothers and self-proclaimed Tableau fanatics, Kevin and Ken, have a combined 35 years of experience in IT and Analytics. Learn how they grew into Community leadership roles to become the most famous twins in data.
55 min
My Tableau Story with Visionary Sean Miller
While Sean studied to become a middle school math and science teacher, he has never lost his passion for teaching throughout his career in data analytics. Learn from Sean how you can leverage the Community to advance your data skills.
46 min
My Tableau Story with Visionary Mark Wu
Learn how the Tableau Community inspired and helped Mark deploy and enable the largest implementation of Tableau in the world. This episode will be especially helpful for IT professionals, business leaders, and anyone looking to grow a data culture.
52 min
My Tableau Story with Visionary "Tableau Tim" Ngwena
Referred to by some as the 'Bob Ross of Tableau' learn how Tim grew into a Tableau YouTube sensation with over 40k subscribers and thousands of hours of analytics tutorials. Tim shares advice for building your data skills through community and how to find your voice and use it.
47 min
My Tableau Story with Visionary Diego Parker
Learn how Diego discovered the power of Tableau and our Community through Forums, User Groups, and Tableau Public
47 min
My Tableau Story with Kimly Scott
Get inspired by Kimly's short journey from new Tableau user to Iron Viz finalist and global Community leader
40 min
My Tableau Story with Alice McKnight
Hear Alice's experience of unexpectedly pivoting into a data career and growing authentic connection through social media.
50 min