Amazon Redshift

Amazon Redshift and Tableau Software are two powerful technologies in a modern analytics toolkit. Combined they form a data warehouse and analytics solution that allows business users to analyze datasets, running into the billions of rows, with speed and agility.

With Amazon Redshift, you can create a massively scalable, cloud-based data warehouse in just a few clicks. Combined with the real-time responsiveness of Tableau, you can gain insights from that data just as easily. Tableau natively connects to Amazon Redshift for advanced speed, flexibility, and scalability, accelerating results from days to seconds. With the power of AWS Redshift and Tableau, people can analyze massive amounts of data at the speed of thought and get the answers they need to drive strategic action.

Optimizing Tableau and Amazon Redshift for Better Performance

Tableau and Amazon Redshift are integrated out-of-the-box, meaning you can connect to your data warehouse with minimal effort. Given this, it’s important to understand how to optimize when integrating the two together, as doing so can yield considerable performance gains and ultimately shorten deployment cycles.

This paper introduces infrastructure advice, performance tests and measurements, as well as tips and hints to make the joint solution more efficient and performant.

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Tableau supports Redshift Spectrum

Following connectors to Amazon Redshift, Amazon EMR, and Amazon Athena, Tableau's update to its AWS Redshift connector with support for Redshift Spectrum (external S3 tables) marks yet another market-leading integration with the AWS analytics platform. Tableau Server also runs seamlessly in Amazon’s cloud infrastructure so the customers who prefer to deploy all of their applications inside AWS have a complete solution offering from Tableau.

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With Tableau, you just hook it up to the Redshift server, connect, run a query, and publish it to the Server and you're literally done in an hour. It’s great—it feels like one product.

Tableau in the Cloud: A Netflix Original

With over 1/3 of the world's internet traffic flowing through their servers everyday, Netflix has a massive pile of data to analyze. Hear from their talented team as they describe the processes and best practices they follow to extract the most out of their data with Tableau and AWS.

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