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Data Delivery: How to leverage filtering and best practices to tell a story with your data

About the speakers


Francis Dejonckheere

Customer Success Manager, Tableau

Francis was introduced to Tableau in 2014 while working as a marketing analyst at Bloomberg. Caught in the midst of a 20+ tabbed excel report to convey the effect of marketing events, his boss asked him to check out Tableau…he was immediately Tableau-struck. The revelations that came from visual analytics and automation were quick, and the appetite for data spread in the organization like wild-fire. Francis was soon pulled into projects driving insights and behavioral change for sales teams, marketing strategies, customer usage scores, and countless strategic initiatives in-between.

After 5 years of delivering analyses at Bloomberg, Francis learned about the Tableau Blueprint and how he could make a greater impact enabling others to explore their own data. This eye-opener drove him to take a job at Tableau as a customer success manager, where he helps Financial Service organizations see and understand their own data today.


Lindsey Carlsen

High Touch Success Manager, Tableau

Lindsey Joined Tableau in 2019 after previous roles as an analyst across multiple industries. Focusing on our financial services customers, Lindsey brings a community driven approach to ensure success across her diverse customer base. In her free time, when not geeking out with data, Lindsey is an accomplished chef and outdoor enthusiast.

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