The value of analytics for transformation

Get the most value from your data and analytics investments

In this blog series, we explore the transformational potential of analytics—from evaluation and deployment, through measuring impact and ensuring lasting value.

The right analytics solution can drive change, not just check a box. But this means investing properly in your analytics strategy—including how you think about and measure value, empower people, and enable decision-making across the organization.

Evaluating technology for transformation

How do you evaluate technology for its transformational potential? Keep these considerations in mind as you update your software evaluation checklist.

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Changing user behaviors with agile analytics

Data-driven transformation requires IT leaders be agile. Take a look at some of the barriers organizations face, and how you can plan an agile deployment strategy.

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Measuring the value of your investment

Time to reevaluate how you measure the value of your analytics investment. The right metrics will help you track successes and identify focus areas to increase value.

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Increasing the value of your investment

Check out these important factors for integrating activities into your modern analytics program that encourage a faster and stronger return on your investment.

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Webinar series: Generate Value with Analytics

Are you getting what you pay for? Is your BI strategy generating value? What are you risking by not using Tableau?

We’re excited to have our customer Dropbox, partner Slalom, and market research analyst Forrester to discuss how organizations are measuring and creating value with their modern analytics deployments—we hope you’ll join us!

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Drive impact with your data and powerful analytics that people love to use. Learn more about deploying and measuring the value of your modern analytics investment.

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