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Data-Driven Marketing Webinar Series

What's your data telling you?

Leading with analytics

As new marketing channels and technologies emerge, marketers must evolve their analytics strategies, skills, and solutions to survive. It’s important that leaders understand where their organization’s analytics are today in order to progress tomorrow—and thrive in the coming years.

Join Tableau for a webinar series that will examine how marketing leaders are transforming their organizations and making more data-driven decisions.

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Driving Ad ROI with Google and Tableau: TeamSnap’s Story
One of the hardest parts about understanding your digital advertising’s impact is getting the right data, in the right place. To do so, many marketers either download spreadsheets or build out ETL...
57 minutos
Conquering Marketing Analytics with New Relic
As New Relic grew from a startup into an enterprise, the demands on its marketing analysts increased. To respond, the company turned to Tableau. The analytics platform now provides New Relic’s...
39 minutos
Forbes & Tableau CMO Webinar
Marketing accountability has emerged as a CEO level issue in a rapidly changing marketplace where intangible assets make up 84% of shareholder value – and brand equity, customer relationships,...
59 minutos