Your role in data

As an Analyst, you are responsible for supporting your organization’s lines of business to deliver valuable insights from data. You are responsible for:

Creating reports and dashboards for others in the organization to consume or iterate on.

Performing ad-hoc exploration of data to highlight business opportunities.

Conducting meaningful data analysis to inform business decisions.


This learning path includes:


Get Started with Tableau


Topics Covered: Tableau Basics

Learn the foundational skills you need to begin your Tableau Desktop journey. Learn core data literacy and Tableau concepts, and get guidance for creating your first Tableau workbook, empowering you to quickly get started with Tableau.

Includes the Assessment: Get Started with Tableau to validate learning. 


Connect to and Transform Data

Topics Covered: Data Analysis, Data Prep

Learn how to connect to data sources, revise the properties of a data source, and save those customizations. Boost your skills for modifying data connections and working with multiple data sources. You'll also get the tools and knowledge to clean, shape, and combine data using Tableau Prep Builder. 

Includes the Assessment: Connect to and Transform Data to validate learning. 


Create Views and Dashboards

Topics Covered: Data Analysis, Visual Best Practices

Learn how to create views, dashboards, and stories using basic and advanced chart types. Structure your data by using groups, bins, and hierarchies, and apply sorting and filtering techniques to reveal additional insights. Round out your skills by designing dashboards that incorporate visual best practices. 

Includes the Assessment: Create Views and Dashboards to validate learning. 


Explore and Analyze Data

Topics Covered: Deep Insights

Use calculations, LOD expressions, and table calculations to create new views and insights. Create parameters and user controls, and show data trends and forecasts, as well as data distributions. 

Includes the Assessment: Explore and Analyze Data to validate learning. 


Publish and Manage Content

Topics Covered: Governance, Publishing

Understand Tableau roles and licenses, and the governance models and policies for publishing and managing content. Learn how to publish data and content on Tableau Server and Tableau Cloud, schedule extract refreshes, and manage published content. 

Includes the Assessment: Publish and Manage Content to validate learning. 


Test your knowledge along the way with Skill Badges. 

You’ve got the right data skills for your role – now it’s time to show them off. Each course includes an assessment to validate your learning. Pass these Skills Assessments to earn Skill Badges.