AWS + Tableau Cloud: Modern Cloud Analytics

The cloud offers opportunities to take your focus away from maintaining, backing up and updating your on-premises BI systems and put more energy into making your data work for real business success.

Watch the first webinar of our Make it Happen with Modern Cloud Analytics series, ‘AWS + Tableau Cloud: Modern Cloud Analytics’ to see how AWS and Tableau partner together to help you migrate to a powerful cloud BI that puts you on a new path for success.

Watch now to learn: 

  • What you gain by moving to cloud-first analytics
  • The benefits you gain from the AWS and Tableau partnership
  • How other customers have successfully migrated to Tableau Cloud powered by AWS 
  • How you can use either our extensive partner network or Tableau Professional Services to successfully migrate to Tableau Cloud

Watch our second webinar in our Modern Cloud Analytics series, "Modern Cloud Analytics in Action: Keyrus and Red Ventures."


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