8 Most-Favorited Data Visualizations on Tableau Public

With more than 8 million data vizzes now on Tableau Public, explore the most-favorited vizzes of all time and the authors who shared them.

Since Tableau Public launched in 2009, over 3 million people worldwide have joined our free data visualization platform to explore, create, and share now more than 8 million interactive vizzes. From pop culture to the environment and politics, there's a data visualization to explore on almost any topic you can imagine. Don’t believe us? Search for yourself. 

In celebration of 8 million vizzes on Tableau Public, let's take a look at the top 8 most-favorited data visualizations of all time.

 8. HR Dashboard | #RWFD by Gandes Goldestan 

This viz was inspired by Tableau Community Project Real World Fake Data—a monthly data visualization challenge to practice creating business dashboards across various industries and departments. Viz author Gandes Goldestan belatedly submitted it and it quickly became a favorite proving that you don’t have to participate in Tableau Community Projects in real-time to reap the benefits. What time can you set aside this week to learn something new?

Data viz: HR Dashboard | #RWFD 

HR Dashboard | #RWFD by Gandes Goldestan. 


7. HR Attrition Dashboard | VOTD | #IIBAwards'22 by Pradeep Kumar G 

This viz was also inspired by a Real World Fake Data Tableau Community Project. Created by 2019 Vizzie recipient and 2021 Iron Viz Champion Pradeep Kumar G, this business dashboard won an "Information is Beautiful Awards" in 2022 in the category for Business Analytics.

Data viz: HR Attrition Dashboard | VOTD | #IIBAwards'22

HR Attrition Dashboard | VOTD | #IIBAwards'22 by Pradeep Kumar G


6. Tutorials of Visualizations by Lilla Rasztik

Lilla Rasztik built a useful collection of how-to videos and articles from the Tableau Community that not only highlights 35 different chart types and elements—from Arc Sankey to shapes and waffle charts—but also showcases how much people enjoy learning new Tableau techniques on Tableau Public.

Data viz: Tutorials of Visualizations

Tutorials of Visualizations by Lilla Rasztik


5. KPI Options by Adam E McCann

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are targets that help you measure progress against your most strategic objectives. In this viz, Adam McCann demonstrates 20 different ways to communicate KPIs using Washington DC Crime Data. Because this dashboard is available for download, you can “peek under the hood” to better understand how each element in it was created, and even update the data to customize it for your own use. If you create something new from it and share it on Tableau Public, don’t forget to leverage the “inspired by” field to credit the original author.

Data viz: KPI Options

All Da KPIs


4. The Tableau Book of Calcs by Sara Hamdoun and Fuad Ahmed

Calculated fields allow you to create new data from data that already exists in your data source and can be used to further segment data, find ratios, filter results, and much more. Fuad and Sara created this step-by-step guide for Tableau-related calculations with examples in this handy viz. 

Data viz: The Tableau Book of Calcs

The Tableau Book of Calcs


3. Sample Superstore - Sales Performance by Pradeep Kumar G

If you’ve used Tableau Desktop before, you’re probably familiar with the default Superstore sample data set. In this dashboard, Pradeep Kumar G visualizes sales performance using collapsible containers and adeptly showcases the possibilities of a well-designed dashboard.

Data viz: Sample Superstore - Sales Performance

 Sample Superstore - Sales Performance by Pradeep Kumar G


2. The Tableau Chart Catalog by Kevin Flerlage

Kevin Flerlage created this viz to help the Tableau Community learn and be inspired. The Tableau Chart Catalog lists 100 chart types with links to actual visualizations created by 74 unique authors on Tableau Public.

Data viz: The Tableau Chart Catalog

Tableau Chart Examples


1. Visual Vocabulary by Andy Kriebel

There are so many ways to visualize data. How do we know which one to pick? Inspired by the Financial Time’s Visual Vocabulary, Andy Kriebel created this workbook to help others choose an appropriate chart based on the data relationship they’re trying to show. Leverage it as a starting point for making informative and meaningful data visualizations.

Data viz: Visual Vocabulary

Visual Vocabulary

Here's a look back and a look forward from Andy himself. 

Andy Kriebel Tableau Public

Andy Kriebel

“Creating a Tableau Public profile had a direct link to getting jobs at both Facebook and The Information Lab. Without Tableau Public, I am sure I wouldn’t have been noticed.

I have a couple bits of advice:

  • Never delete anything from your profile. This shows a progression in your work and employers will see how you have been learning.
  • Share. Let others download your work so they can reverse-engineer it. Or maybe you’ve created a stunning dashboard that can be used as a template. Help others learn from you.”

Thank you to these 8 amazing Tableau Public authors—along with the 3 million others—who have collectively created over 8 million data visualizations for anyone to search and explore for free on tableaupublic.com

It’s interesting to note that the most-favorite vizzes of all time on Tableau Public are primarily focused on designing and building business dashboards, learning new data skills, and capturing inspiring examples. While pop culture vizzes are both fun and popular, not a single viz about Marvel, Taylor Swift, or your favorite sport made the top ten. This is not to say those things aren’t popular (because as we know they are) but a good reminder that memorable vizzes on Tableau Public can be both fun and functional. I can’t wait to see what the DataFam creates for the next 8 million vizzes.

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