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5 strategies for fixing your love-hate relationship with Excel.

There’s no doubt that Excel is one of the choice tools for analysis and reporting. But using Excel for data exploration means that sometimes you’re under-served.

Out-of-date data (and no easy way to update), error-prone analytics, multiple versions of the same file circulating among colleagues, and too much manual involvement— these are just a few of the common frustrations associated with Excel. And what of the time wasted developing your analysis instead of spending time actually finding insights?

In this whitepaper, you'll learn how to:

  • Reduce duplicated efforts and data
  • Stop turning business analysts into database programmers
  • Get the data and information you need faster
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Our analysts were spending 80 percent of their time pushing data around in Excel, and 20 percent of their time putting together static PowerPoints and doing analysis. Now we spend 80 percent of our time on analysis.

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