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Foundations of Data Visualization

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Title Length
Session 1: Elements of effective data visualizations
Join Tableau Zen Master and best-selling author Steve Wexler to learn the six aspects of data visualization every business person should know.
57 分鐘
Session 2: Dashboard eye-tracking research
Join Amy Alberts of the Tableau User Research Team and Andy Cotgreave as they discuss the influence of eye-tracking studies on dashboard design.
58 分鐘
Session 3: Critiquing real-world dashboards
In this session, data visualization experts will discuss six tips and tricks to help you build better business dashboards and discover data-driven insights faster.
61 分鐘
Session 4: Introduction to mapping
This session with Senior Product Manager at Tableau, Ashwin Kumar, is designed to give you all the information you’ll need to start building maps today.
57 分鐘
Session 5: Beyond the standard Tableau map
Marc Psaila, Lead Solution Engineer at Tableau and travel aficionado, will be your guide in this webinar primer to mapping techniques.
57 分鐘
Session 6: Advanced mapping techniques
In this webinar, find out how Tableau can help you work with spatial data and answer location-based questions.
62 分鐘