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Working on better data for disaster response

Tableau Foundation supports NetHope's work to bring together humanitarians and coordinating technology best practices across the developing world.

Analytics in crisis

Visualizing and sharing large volumes of data to maximize impact in the wake of some of the world's worst disasters.

Learn how data is saving lives and rebuilding communities in during and after crisis.

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Finding the right map in a moment

For years, the struggle to find reliable, up-to-date maps and data sets in the moments after a disaster struck made decisionmaking hard for humanitarian responders.

In 2016, NetHope staff collaborated with Tableau Service Corps volunteer Nicco Cirone to create a resource for first responders after the Ecuador earthquake. In just 36 hours, they had created the sort of single source of truth that agencies had been seeking for years.

This viz was then replicated for a series of other crises, setting a standard for information sharing in an emergency.

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